comb. form forming nouns meaning 'bearer' (ctenophore; semaphore).
-phorous comb. form forming adjectives.
Etymology: mod.L f. Gk -phoros -phoron bearing, bearer f. phero bear

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combining form. a thing that bears, or carries _____: »

Oophore = a structure that bears eggs. Semaphore = an apparatus that carries signaling devices.

[< Greek -phóros < phérein to bear, carry]

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comb. form denoting an agent or bearer of a specified thing

ionophore | semaphore

from modern Latin -phorus, from Greek -phoros, -phoron ‘bearing, bearer’, from pherein ‘to bear’

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in F. -phore, mod.L. -phorus, -phorum, a. Gr. -ϕόρος, -ον bearing, bearer, f. ϕέρ-ειν to bear. A formative of various technical and scientific words, as carpophore, semaphore, gonophore, phonophore. Hence -phorous, q.v.

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